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Linguistic and technical preparatory course for work in geriatric care or nursing for foreign workers

Approved support measure according to AZAV

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According to official publications, there is a shortage of more than one hundred thousand specialists in geriatric and nursing care in Germany. Workers from abroad can reduce this shortage, but they must also have good general language and job-related language skills in order to be professionally integrated into a care sector. Through our action-oriented, practice-oriented lessons and the accompanying practical activities, the participants are specifically prepared for topics of their later professional work in terms of language and content. For more than 15 years, the Eduard-von-Hallberger-Institut has been offering language and technical courses to prepare for subsequent university studies and later professional training or work in Germany. Language courses and language tests for naturalization can also be completed at our institute.

Learning objective: carrier certificate

Recommended requirement: DaF level A2

Scope: 600 hours (approx. 6 months) including internship

Nursing home for the elderly
  • Individual data collection and presentation

  • Terminology of human body anatomy - basic functionalities

  • Inquiring about and reporting on people's needs and sensitivities

  • basic care activities

  • hygiene

  • Basic methods of examining the condition of the body, medicines and care products

  • Small talk with residents, relatives and colleagues

  • handover talk

  • Creating documentation - basics

  • Facilities in hospitals and nursing homes

  • Staff hierarchy in hospitals and nursing homes

  • Computer use, Internet research

  • Team training and intercultural training

  • Accompanying internship

Personal advice
( German and English )
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