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Technical language training
Specialist language preparation for a technical
scientific or economic studies

If you want to study  at a German university or  university, you must have good German language skills. In order to be able to follow a lecture in a technical-scientific or economic  course of study , you need above all a sound knowledge of technical terminology, which the universities assume to be known and in use the lectures, seminars and exercises.

In order to prepare applicants for the later language requirements, the Eduard-von-Hallberger-Institut offers special courses with technical language and technical instruction in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer science or in business administration and economics. With the help of Power Point presentations, the German terms for the respective technical contexts are explained very clearly and memorably, so that the participants can quickly get used to the German language of their subject.

The applications are practiced through many clear exercises. In accompanying internships, the participants learn how to solve practical tasks and how to write technical and scientific reports in German, just as they are also required in colleges and universities.


Technical language mathematics, physics, electrical engineering, computer science or economics,  Internship attempts, writing technical-scientific minutes, topic-related German, current topics, dialogue training, lectures, team training

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